Unorthodox Inspirations for Business Cards

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A professional must prepare business card because it can be representation of the professionalism. There is no doubt that the branding effort cannot be done without making the right business cards. People can see so many kinds of business cards out there and find that the design is basically similar. It seems boring for some people to use the same design basis for the business cards. It might be true that they have to keep it simple. Looking for 500 Business Cards For $10 will not the challenging at all if people just follow the common design ideas. In this circumstance, people can try the inspiration for creating unorthodox business cards.

QR Code

Modern people cannot live without technology including the mobile device. We can make sure that using mobile device will ease people’s life greatly. Anything can be done on their palm and it must be so much better if people can also utilize the mobile phone technology for their business card. They can consider adding QR code on their business cards. Since mobile phones are mostly completed with QR scanner, it will be economic and cheap way of call to action for the business. Business card receivers just need to scan the code to get further information about the business after all.


Unique design of business cards sound like limited especially if people want to keep their card simple. Nevertheless, there will always be method which can be used for creating unique design for their card. To get effective result, they can consider adding shiny or raised print on the card. It will be so much better is the thermography can relate to the business.

Textures Paper

The printing and the design will be the focus element which people will pay attention greatly when they want to create the best business cards. However, people must not forget that the paper choice will also play very crucial role for creating a great business card. Instead of using the common paper with smooth surface, they can use the unorthodox method for creating the unique business cards from textured paper. It will play one of human five senses. Texture of the paper can give different feel to the card. It also means that there will also be special touch which can be experienced by the receiver of the business cards. This detail must be a unique way for creating the business card which is stunning and effective.

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