How To Start A Lawn Care Business With No Money

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How to start a lawn care business with no money? This question might be a bit tricky because we all know that every business needs start-up money no matter how small it is. Let’s talk about lawn care business first and why this business has been very popular for decades. The lawn care business is perhaps the easiest and simplest idea of small business that everyone can do. Who doesn’t know how to take care of lawn, right? The simplicity of this business is the main reason why many people have run this business. And, the number of customer in US alone is high considering every house always has yard needs to be cleaned of regularly.

Market Research and Feasibility

Before running this business, doing market research and feasibility is necessary for all business starters. It relates to research on the psychographics and demographics. This research shows pretty clear how many houses need lawn care in the neighborhood. The customer also includes golf courses, facility managers, baby boomers, corporate organization, religious and government centers. Owners who are no longer capable of taking care of their lawn due to any reasons are potential customers that will certainly draw income for lawn care business owners.

The research should also relate to the particular types of lawn care services being offered. Among the main specializations are irrigation system, landscape construction, tree trimming services, landscape architecture services, lawn care services, line clearing, pest control, chemical lawn care and branch removal around the utility lines. By offering these specializations, the customers will see the service provider as more skilled and professional provider. In turn, it helps to generate more income due to increasing number of customer.

Counting the Cost

Every business always comes with initial cost to make it run including the lawn care business so you should calculate it. According to the static, the total initial cost or capital needed to start this business reaches $50.000 that includes the cost of incorporating business in US, cost of basic equipment, tools and small office facility, cost of equipping the office, cost of license, permit and liability insurance, cost of launching website and additional expenditure. Yet with such amount of cost, you still want to start it with no money. Well, your only option is to get small business loans. Only with these loans that you can find ways on Bad credit startup business loans guaranteed approval.

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