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If people want to be successful with their business, there is no doubt that they have to pay very great attention to the details. The business plan should be created properly but they should not only pay attention to the huge aspect of the business because simple thing such as making business card is necessary to support their business. Business card can be the representation of the business as certain brand. Branding cannot be done without the best business card after all. That is why people have to pay attention to details when creating the business card including about Square Business Card Size.


People need the business card which can show their professionalism. Business card can be about building network and networking is super crucial in the business world. That is why people have to make sure that the business card can give the right first impression. The design plays great role for this purpose. People have to make sure that the business card comes with unique design for attracting attention. However, they must not forget that it is also important to make sure that the contact information on the business card can be read easily. It means that people have to be wise when choosing the information which should be included on the business card. Maybe they want to put many things on the business card but they must remember that the size of the business card is pretty small. Too much information will only be distracting and less appetizing.


Yes, people must not forget about the business card size. They have to consider about the size carefully before they can decide about the design of the business card which can ensure that it is not only attractive but also able to deliver the contact information quickly. The card shapes as well as sized for business card can be varied but at least people can follow the common size of business card which can be found these days. The standard business card size in the US and Canada is 3.5 x 2 inches. Micro business card comes with smaller size, 1 x 3 inches. Square business card can be considered as not common choice for business card compared to the rectangular one. The common size for business card with square shape is 2.25 x 2.25 inches. Last but not least, people can also find folded business cards with 3.25 x 2 inches measurement.

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