Cash Registers For Small Business – Buying Tips

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Cash registers for small business have always been becoming necessity for any business selling products. In the market, there have been various choices of cash register. Each cash register is different depending on the features and system. Some of them are basic cash registers while others are more comprehensive cash registers with point of sale system and more comprehensive features. In selecting the right one, it is important to consider several factors as the following.

Size of Cash Register and Need

The right size of cash register basically depends on the size of your business and its need. Consider how big your business is right now and how it is projected in the next few years. If you have projected the business to be growing bigger in the near future, you may want to get bigger cash register. It is better to get comprehensive POS system that usually comes with product codes and barcode scanner to streamline the transactions. This cash register offers scalability that your business needs. This unit usually costs you from $5000 up to $22.000.

But if you choose to be working in smaller operation despite your company’s growth, a smaller cash register is the right option. In terms of small register, you can also get the lower end system that costs less than $1.000 which makes it a good affordable deal.

Security Features

Security features are important features of every cash register as the unit is used to keep the cash, electronic payment information and checks safe. Among the main features is locking drawer. This is important to make sure that none of unauthorized individuals can get access to what is inside the checks and cash. It is also a consideration to install cash drop box nearby. It is useful to make sure large sum of money is always stored safely. And, it also prevents excess of cash inside the register that can deter robbery and internet theft. A password is also another security feature you may consider installing for extra protection.

Consider your business’s inventory as well to select the right cash register. For instance, if your business operates with limited inventory, the right choice is basic cash register. But if it relates to large inventory quantities, the comprehensive POS system is the ideal choice. Another feature to consider is the receipt printing option. Choose whether you need the print ribbon or thermal cash register for your cash registers for small business.

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