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Best small business firewall is a necessity with internet being big and scary place. The firewall is what people need to protect their small business networks from any possible threats. Of course, it should be reliable and strong firewall. Indeed, it can even be a simple gadget working to keep the bad data packets outside the network. Or, it can also be a sophisticated multi function gateways. If you seem to have no enough money, the free community support may offer you some protection. But if you think you really need to invest on firewall, the paid community support does offer more protection.

Features of Small Business Firewall

Usually, the small business firewall has certain main features to offer. For instance, the firewall functions to protect users from malware, spyware and viruses. It is easy to deploy through any hardware appliance including single appliance. And, it comes with easy VPNs setup for network access and remote users. It should work with FIOS, Cable, DSL and also other ISP. Another important feature is having wireless and wired options available. With those features, it is possible for the firewall to protect the small business from any possible threats that can put the business in danger.

Best Small Business Firewall

Today, there are various options of small business firewalls. This time, we have recommended some of the best options. The Open Source Firewalls or IPCop remains the old time favorite. This reliable firewall is free to download and install. It is a well-maintained firewall with good graphical administration interface that is based on browser. It works by sticking to firewall to do its main jobs like traffic and proxy shaping, packet filtering, user authentication, time server, name services, secure remote access and VPN. It operates using the color-coded mechanism to both create and manage basic subnets set.

Another favorite option of open source firewall is OpenWRT. It has been around since early 2000s. It is a Linux based firewall which is considered an excellent item. It is the ideal firewall for small networks. It allows users to get the basic and advanced protection for their network. This firewall is easy to update. It can work as sole firewall and router at the same time for small network. And, it can also function to set up any wireless hotspots and to obtain secure wireless access points. These multiple functions are the reasons why the best small business firewall can effectively work.

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